Northwest Registered Agent Review

For most entrepreneurs, forming a new LLC or corporation is an important foundational step on the path to a successful business. 

It can also be an intimidating step, however. There are complex forms to fill out, fees to pay, and a variety of terminology that most individuals won’t be familiar with. 

Fortunately, there are companies that can help entrepreneurs start new businesses. One popular option is Northwest Registered Agent.

In this Northwest Registered Agent review, we will explain what the company does, how much its services cost, and what business owners can expect when working with Northwest. 

What Is Northwest Registered Agent?

Northwest Registered Agent, also known as just “Northwest”, is an online provider of business services.

As the name suggests, Northwest is primarily a registered agent service. Entrepreneurs can select Northwest as their company’s registered agent, which means that they will handle legal correspondence and other important documents. 

In many states, having a registered agent is a requirement for forming certain business structures. Some states allow you to be your own registered agent, but many entrepreneurs choose to hire a company in order to simplify things. 

Northwest offers a variety of other business services. They can help entrepreneurs form new LLCs and corporations, and even nonprofits. 

Northwest also offers a variety of services designed to enhance business owner privacy and data security. They can provide virtual office services, business VoIP phone plans, and more. Plus, they never sell or share customer data, unlike some competing business formation services. 

Northwest focuses on personalized service and unparalleled customer support. When customers use the company, they will be paired with their own Corporate Guide, who will guide them through the entire process.

Advantages of Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is a high-quality, trusted company to use – but they have many competitors. What sets Northwest apart? 

  • An easy way to start a business online
  • Customized support from 1:1 Corporate Guide
  • Start a new LLC, corporation, or nonprofit
  • Compatible with requirements in all states
  • Competitive price-point with few upsells
  • Simple and transparent fee structure
  • Excellent customer service
  • Northwest does not share or sell customer data
  • Excellent Registered Agent service
  • Excellent security and privacy protocols
  • Excellent customer reviews at Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp and others

Disadvantages of Northwest Registered Agent

Of course, Northwest is not perfect. What are some of the downsides that small business owners should be aware of? 

  • State fees are charged separately
  • Smaller selection of add-on features compared to some competitors

What Services Does Northwest Registered Agent Offer?

Northwest has valuable services designed to help you start a new business, help you grow a business, and protect your privacy and data. Here is a breakdown of some of the key services on offer:

Starting a Business with Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest makes it easy to start a new company in the state of your choosing. Customers can form new LLCs, corporations, and nonprofits with ease, through a 100% online system. Instead of relying on the outdated systems of state agencies, Northwest customers can experience a streamlined business formation process

  • Simple process to form a new business through an online account
  • Choice of C-corp, S-corp, LLC, or nonprofit
  • Help finding an available business name
  • Help applying for an EIN
  • Help filing Articles of Organization, Articles of Incorporation, LLC operating agreements, and more
  • Professional Registered Agent services
  • Clear, transparent pricing

Growing a Business with Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest also offers some ongoing services that can help entrepreneurs grow and manage their companies. They also offer many tools and services that help business owners to protect their privacy and data security

  • Ongoing compliance filing, including Annual Reports
  • Virtual phone numbers (business VoIP)
  • Virtual office service
  • Mail forwarding (protects the privacy of your business address or home address)
  • Free legal forms and templates
  • Help to register in new states (business expansion)
  • Much more

How Much Does Northwest Registered Agent Cost?

Northwest Registered Agent has a concise, clear pricing structure. Unlike most competitors, they don’t really offer “bundles” of services. Instead, there is a flat $100 fee to start a company, a $125/year fee for Registered Agent service, and then you can add on various services from there. Here’s a breakdown of their costs:

New Business Formation – $100 + State Fees

Northwest Registered Agent LLC, corporation, or nonprofit formation services cost a flat $100 fee. This covers the basics that you’ll need to start a new company.

  • Form a new limited liability company, corporation, or nonprofit
  • Works for entrepreneurs in any state
  • State fees charged separately (vary by state)
  • Help with all necessary filings and 

Registered Agent Service – $125/year

Northwest’s Registered Agent service costs a flat $125/year and provides all the benefits of a professional registered agent.

  • $125/year
  • Accepts legal documents for the business, such as service of process, lawsuits, liens, subpoenas
  • Registered Agent is required in most states; although you may be able to serve as your own
  • Cancel at any time

Optional Add-Ons – $0 + State Fees

Northwest offers a variety of optional add-ons, each priced separately. 

  • Filing of Annual Report – $100/year (additional state fees may be charged)
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) Tax ID Application – $50
  • S-Corp Election – $50
  • Mail Forwarding Service – $40/month
  • Virtual Office Service – $49/month
  • Certificate of Good Standing – cost varies by state 
  • Additional Business Phone Number – $9/month 

Northwest Registered Agent Ongoing Costs

Many business owners will only pay for the upfront costs of using Northwest to form a new business. However, it’s worth noting that some of Northwest’s services are ongoing, and may incur ongoing costs.

For instance, the Registered Agent service costs $125 per year, while the Annual Report filing service costs $100 per year. 

Completely optional add-ons like a virtual office, business VoIP phone number, or mail forwarding also have ongoing costs. 

For basic business formation, you won’t necessarily need any of these ongoing services. 

What About State Filing Fees?

Northwest charges state filing fees separately. This is standard practice in the industry. 

Fees vary by state, as well as by the business type (LLC, corporation, or nonprofit). Some states are as low as $50, while others are several hundred dollars.

During the signup process, Northwest will show you the total cost, including state fees. Keep in mind that 100% of these state filing fees go directly to your state, although Northwest facilitates the transaction.

Does Northwest Registered Agent Have Good Customer Service?

Northwest Registered Agent has excellent customer support. In fact, it’s a major selling point of their business model.

When a customer signs up for Northwest, they will be paired with their own Corporate Guide. This guide helps facilitate the setup process and is there to answer any questions.

Even long after the initial sign up, the corporate guide will be available to answer questions and resolve issues. 

This differs from the traditional customer service model, in which customers call in and are paired with whatever agent is available. 

Looking at customer reviews for this company, it’s easy to see that customers are very impressed with the level of service they receive at Northwest Registered Agent. 

Northwest’s support team members are available via phone or email.

Is Northwest Registered Agent a Good Choice for Your Business?

Northwest Registered Agent offers many benefits for entrepreneurs. 

The cornerstones of Northwest’s business model are customer support, transparency, and data privacy. They also offer a very simple, clear pricing structure, without the use of complex “bundles”. 

If you want excellent customer support, professional Registered Agent services, or you value your personal and business data, Northwest Registered Agent is an excellent choice.

If you want the cheapest business formation packages possible, you can likely find a better value with other LLC formation services and incorporation services, such as Incfile. 

Likewise, for those needing help with complex legal services or legal documents, a competitor like LegalZoom may be a better option. 

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