BizFilings Review

Starting a new company can be an intimidating process. From choosing a business structure to filing all the necessary paperwork, there are many key steps that entrepreneurs must accomplish.

Fortunately, there are companies out there that can help entrepreneurs navigate the process. One popular option is BizFilings.

In this BizFilings review, we will explain what this company offers, how much it costs, and what small business owners can expect when using the service. 

What Is BizFilings?

BizFilings is an online service provider that specializes in new business formation. Essentially, they help guide entrepreneurs through the process of forming a new company.

With BizFilings, customers can form almost any type of business: LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships, and even nonprofits. 

BizFilings makes the business formation process simpler by providing a streamlined online process. Instead of the outdated systems that many states still use, BizFilings has a modern system that’s 100% online.

BizFilings’ plans are compatible with rules in every state. They essentially serve as a middle-man between the entrepreneur and the state that the company is being formed in. 

BizFilings has been helping form new companies since 1996 and has earned an excellent reputation for accuracy and good customer service. 

By simplifying and speeding up the business filing process, BizFilings makes it easier to focus on what matters most: Actually running your new company. 

Advantages of BizFilings

BizFilings is a popular choice for cost-effective, efficient business formation services. But the service has many competitors. What sets BizFilings apart? 

  • Streamlined business formation process
  • 100% online
  • Supports nearly every business structure
  • Form a new C-corp, S-corp, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, or nonprofit
  • Supports Limited Partnerships (LPs) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
  • Wide variety of services
  • Free tools including Incorporation Wizard, Business Name Check, and more
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Choose between bundles of services or ala carte services
  • Compliant with requirements in all US states

Disadvantages of BizFilings

Of course, BizFilings is not perfect. What are some downsides to be aware of?

  • State filing fees are charged separately
  • Prices for add-on services can add up quickly

What Services Does BizFilings Offer?

BizFilings focuses on the initial business formation process. They also offer a limited selection of ongoing services designed to help entrepreneurs grow and scale their companies. 

Starting a Business with BizFilings

The core business of BizFilings is business formation. You can get started by forming almost any business structure, from a sole proprietorship to LLC to Limited Partnerships. All of this can be done in every state because BizFilings works closely with every US state to ensure compliance. 

  • Start a new corporation (C-corp, S-corp, B-corp)
  • Start a new partnership (LP or LLP)
  • Start a new limited liability company (LLC)
  • Start a new sole proprietorship
  • Start a new nonprofit corporation
  • Compatible with rules in every US state
  • Registered Agent service is included
  • 100% online registration process
  • File Articles of Incorporation/Articles of Organization
  • File LLC operating agreement, banking resolution, etc.
  • Compatible with state and federal regulations in all states
  • Free tools like Business Name Availability Search
  • Get copies of all key formation documents

Growing a Business with BizFilings

BizFilings also has ongoing services that can help companies grow and handle ongoing compliance requirements

  • Ongoing Registered Agent services
  • Annual Report filing
  • BizComply service keeps companies compliant over the years
  • Help with business licenses, business permits, etc.
  • Help obtaining tax IDs, including employer identification numbers (EIN) and state tax IDs
  • Help selecting and filing for Doing Business As (DBA) names
  • Help with business changes (amendment, conversion, dissolution, etc.)
  • Legal advice and legal services recommendations
  • Much more

How Much Does BizFilings Cost?

When starting a new business, entrepreneurs will need to pay fees to the state they are filing in. 

If they choose to use a service like BizFilings, they will also pay for the cost of the service. BizFilings pricing is as follows. 

Basic Package – $99 + State Fees

BizFilings’ basic package covers the essentials of starting a new business, at a cost-effective price-point. 

  • Help filing all necessary paperwork
  • Business Name Check verification 
  • 6 months of free Registered Agent service is included (renews for $174/year if not cancelled) 
  • BizComply service included – alerts for ongoing compliance requirements

Standard Package – $229 + State Fees

The Standard Plan includes additional LLC forms, samples, and more, plus expedited filing speed.

  • All the features of the basic package
  • Additional business compliance features
  • Sample LLC operating agreement
  • Sample business forms and templates
  • LLC kit or corporation kit and personalized seal
  • Expedited filing speed

Complete Package – $359 + State Fees

The Complete Plan fulfills additional state and federal requirements and includes bonuses like an Employer Identification Number (EIN). 

  • All the features of the Basic and Standard plans
  • Federal tax ID application (EIN)
  • Includes Certified Copies of all documents
  • Compliance DVD
  • State tax ID number
  • Expedited processing
  • Overnight shipping

In addition to these packages, BizFilings also offers a variety of add-ons and upsells. Services like Payroll tax enrollment, state sales tax enrollment, payroll services, and much more are all offered. 

Compared to other incorporation services, BizFiling’s pricing is competitive. It is similar to companies like ZenBusiness, Incfile, and LegalZoom. 

BizFilings Ongoing Costs

Most of BizFiling’s packages are charged upfront, as a one-time package cost. However, there are some potential ongoing costs to be aware of. 

For instance, if you plan to keep Registered Agent services, expect to pay $174 per year. All plans include 6 months of the service for free, but beyond that, the service costs extra. This is an above-average cost for a Registered Agent service, so for companies planning to keep Registered Agent long-term, there may be better options out there. 

What About State Filing Fees?

Each package from BizFilings has two fees: BizFilings’ own fees, detailed above, and state filing fees. What’s the deal with these state fees?

Whenever a business is formed in a given state, the state will charge fees in order to process the application. 

When a company like BizFilings is used, these fees are still charged. BizFilings will process the payment, but the money goes directly to the state. 

These state fees can vary significantly. The cost depends on the state that is filed in, as well as the type of company formed. 

Some states will be as low as $50 or so, while others can cost several hundred. Turnaround times will also vary by state. Some states also offer expedited processing, for an additional charge. 

During the initial signup process, BizFilings will show a preview of the total cost, including any state fees. 

Does BizFilings Have Good Customer Service?

Customer support agents are available via email, phone, and online chat. In general, customer reviews for BizFilings reference good experiences with their support team. The service appears to have above-average customer support, compared to other LLC formation services. 

The company has been in business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs form new companies. BizFilings has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and has a good reputation on Trustpilot and other online ranking websites. 

Is BizFilings a Good Choice for Your Business?

Overall, BizFilings is an excellent choice for help with forming a new business. 

They offer plans for nearly every business structure, including more complex options like partnerships and nonprofits. 

Pricing is competitive and transparent, and there are a variety of packages to choose between. 

Even if you don’t decide to use BizFilings, they have some free tools that can be very helpful. For instance, for help choosing a business type, BizFilings’ Incorporation Wizard is useful. There’s also a free name check feature to help with finding an available business name. 

If you want a quick and easy way to form a new business, want a wide selection of package options, and the choice of any business structure, BizFilings is tough to beat. 

If you want advanced legal help, or the lowest costs possible, you may be better off with a different option. 

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